Good excuses to leave work early or suddenly

What are good excuses to leave work early or suddenly?

Good excuses to leave work early or suddenly include family medical emergencies or sudden death, illness, and childcare issues. Most employers will accept reasons related to you or your family’s health and well-being. 

Imagine, being able to leave work early without getting into trouble. Maybe you have an emergency or are just looking to not be at work today.

It’s perfectly understandable to want to be away from work when you want or need.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you the best excuses for leaving work suddenly. I’ll tell you how to get your boss to let you go and how to avoid getting in trouble. You’ll be on your way out the door in no time!

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How do I tell my boss I want to leave work early?

You can tell your boss you want to leave early by politely asking with a brief explanation as to why you’re leaving. Ensure your work scope is covered by other employees or that you’ve made necessary arrangements to have your work covered.

You should talk to your boss and get permission before you leave work early. Asking for permission is considered a professional courtesy. Not to mention, your performance reviews, pay increases, and job security can be impacted by randomly leaving.

Your explanation doesn’t have to include personal details. For example, you don’t have to explain a chronic medical condition you have. Instead, you can simply state that you’re not feeling well and need to go home.

In most cases, your boss won’t care if you go home if your work is getting done. Therefore, you should have any important projects you’re working on covered. Try to get another employee to cover for you or make arrangements before asking your boss to leave.

Is it bad to ask to leave early?

Asking to leave work early isn’t bad if you have a valid reason to leave early. However, frequently asking to leave early without explanation does look bad. Constantly asking to leave can make you look unmotivated to work and that your job is not important to you.

How do I leave early without getting in trouble?

The easiest way to leave work early without getting into trouble is to have a valid reason for leaving early. Your boss is less likely to get you into trouble if you are a hard working employee that doesn’t frequently ask to leave.

Can I get fired for leaving work early without permission?

You can get fired for leaving work early without permission. Your company should have a time off policy that you are agreeing to follow in your employment agreement. Failing to show up to work or leaving work early without permission is a common fireable offense.

You should also be aware that submitting your time card for a full-day’s work and leaving early is considered time card fraud. Your employer may decide to take legal action against you if you are found to be committing time card fraud.

Can my boss stop me from leaving early?

Your boss can try to stop you from leaving early. An employer hires you to perform work during a set schedule and should have policies to request time off. Failing to follow your schedule is outside of your employment agreement and may result in your termination.

However, if my family has a medical emergency then my personal opinion is that I can always get another job. I value my family way more than I value my job. I would rather work for a company that respects the fact that employees have a life outside of work.

Good excuses to leave work early or suddenly

Good excuses to leave work early or suddenly include family medical emergencies, sudden death in the family, illness, or childcare issues. Your family and health should take priority in your life above work and most employers will accept it as a valid reason to leave work.

Family medical emergency

A family medical emergency can cover anything from childbirth, car accident, mental health issues, or any other reason to seek medical attention. Typically, family medical emergencies cover grandparents, parents, siblings, and your children.

Sudden family death

A family member’s death can occur at any time, including during work. You should be able to leave work immediately should you receive news that a family member has died. Your employer may be required to give you additional time off for bereavement.

You feel ill

Any health condition that makes you unable to perform the essentials of your job is a good reason to leave work. This can include an existing health condition, migraines, sudden illness, food poisoning, or any other illness.


In some cases, despite your best planning, your childcare option might fall through. For example, your child becomes ill and the daycare needs someone to pick them up. You might be the only one that can take care of your child and should be able to leave early.

Summary: Good excuses to leave work

As you can see, family medical emergencies, sudden family deaths, illnesses, and childcare are all reasons to leave work early. You should prioritize your family’s health and well-being over your job.

All you have to do to leave work early is ask your boss for the time off. Give a brief explanation, without going into too many details. Try to have your work covered before you ask your boss as a professional courtesy.

To avoid getting in trouble, you should have a valid reason for leaving work. Your boss can try to stop you from leaving early and can terminate your position for leaving early without permission.