How to find debit card account number

How can I find a debit card account number?

You can find the debit card account number through bank statements, online banking, or by contacting your bank. Keep in mind, the debit card account number is the checking account number associated with the debit card. The debit card number can be found on the front of your debit card.

Finding your debit card account number is fairly easy and only takes a few minutes.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you different ways to find the account number associated with your debit card. I’ll even show you when you’ll need the account number and how it’s different from your debit card number or routing number.

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Where to Find a Debit Card Account Number

You can find your debit card account number on your bank statements, via online banking, or through your bank. You can also find your account number from your debit card.

First, your debit card number and your debit card account number are two distinct things. 

  1. The debit card number is the 16-digit sequence most prominently featured on your debit card. You’ll easily be able to find this number because it’s the largest one featured on the card. A debit card number is what you’ll use for online purchases using your card.
  2. Your debit card account number is associated with your bank account that funds your debit card. Usually, this number is ten digits and is associated with a checking account. Debit card account numbers are needed for certain online purchases and transfers, confirm your identity when calling your bank, etc. You can find your card number on your bank statement, online banking, or your bank.

1. On Your Bank Statement

Some people receive physical bank statements in the mail, while others choose to access bank statements as PDFs from their bank’s website. Either way, you may be able to find your debit card account number there. 

Look through the statement’s line items for terms like “account number” or “account ID number.”

For some banks, it may show up like xxxxxx1234, only showing the last four digits. This is done for the account’s security. If you run into this problem, you can still search for your debit card account number via online banking or through your bank.

2. Via Online Banking

The best way to find your debit card account number is via your bank’s website or mobile app. The main menu of your bank’s website or app will have an option to “Manage Account” or “View Account Details.” Most banks then have an option to “Show” or “Hide” your account number and routing number.

When you find the number on a banking app, you can even copy the account number from the app and paste it into another page if needed. Through your bank’s mobile app, you can also keep an eye on your transactions and freeze your associated debit card if needed.

3. Through Your Bank

If you’ve exhausted every other option or are just old-fashioned, it is possible to find out your debit card account number by calling your bank or going in person. Just be prepared to verify your identity with a lot of security questions, a government-issued ID, and/or your debit card.

Every bank differs, but you’ll probably need the PIN associated with the account, personal data like your address, a photo ID, and the last four digits of your social security number. 

You may even need answers to old security questions you set up when you opened the account. These could be questions like “What was your first car?” and “What was the name of your first pet?”

Going this route could prove time-consuming, considering bank queues and newer digital customer service reps over real people when you call.     

When Do I Need My Debit Card Account Number?

The 10-digit debit card account number is the key to accessing your funds. You will need this number to connect your bank account to apps such as PayPal or Venmo and complete any bank transfers.

Keep your account number and debit card number secure and private so thieves and hackers can’t use them to make fraudulent purchases with your money.

What’s the Difference Between an Account Number and a Routing Number?

Debit card account numbers and routing numbers work hand-in-hand to identify your account. For many bank transfers or transactions, you will need both numbers.

A routing number identifies your bank or credit union. For example, your routing number will be sequence-specific only for Chase accounts if you are with Chase Bank.

On the other hand, your account number is the unique sequence only for your Chase account.

Summary: Finding a debit card account number

If you need to find your debit card account number to make a transfer, link your bank account, or for another reason, there are plenty of ways to find it. You can look for this information on bank statements, your bank’s website, your bank’s mobile app, or by calling or visiting your bank.

If you do not have access to your online banking account, reset your password and security questions. Most importantly, always keep your financial information private and safe.


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