How to make passive income with no money

How do you make passive income with no money?

Make passive income with little to no money by creating cash flowing assets. A cash flowing asset pays you for owning the asset with little to no upkeep. Examples include YouTube channels, digital products, affiliate marketing, selling photos, arbitrage, blogging, and dividend stocks to name a few.

Imagine, being able to make money while you sleep. Every morning, you wake up to cash that wasn’t earned sitting at a 9-5.

Building assets is the key to passive income.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you the best assets for making passive income with no money. These assets require little investment, but have the potential for high income. Make no mistake, building assets takes time and effort!

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How to make passive income with no money

Make passive income with no money by building an income producing asset. Work consistently to build a side business which pays income with little upkeep. Over time, you can build your asset into a full-time income.

Make no mistake, building an income producing asset takes work. Once the asset is built, you can coast and enjoy recurring income month after month.

You’re going to need to work consistently. Success comes to those who show up day after day, rain or shine, and make progress.

The amount of work you need to do is a lot, but it’s nothing compared to working a full-time job. You can build an asset, like a blog, working 1-2 hours per day. The key is to consistently work short hours with focus.

Remember, your asset only grows when you work on the right things. For example, bloggers care about the look and feel of their blog, but never publish content. Changing your blogs layout does not bring in customers, publishing the right kind of content does.

Avoid shiny object syndrome, where you start building a passive income source but jump to the next when you don’t see results. Building an income source takes time and you’ll never get there by constantly pivoting.

Your job is to pick one source of passive income and stick with it. Show up every day with focused energy and do work!

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YouTube is the perfect opportunity for passive income if you like to talk on camera. Creating a YouTube channel is easy and you can talk about anything within YouTube’s community guidelines.

The goal of YouTube is to build an audience around a niche. A niche is a specific topic of interest, like finance or weight loss. Your content should be focused around your chosen niche.

Eventually, you’ll be able to apply for Google Adsense. Google Adsense will allow you to show ads on your YouTube channel. Whenever someone views or clicks on an ad, you earn money.

The more views your videos get, the more revenue you’ll generate.

Some creators choose to make Evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that people are always searching for, like “how to tie a tie.” When you create Evergreen content, videos you produced years ago will continue to make you money.

Create and sell digital products

Digital products are a good way to earn passive income when you’ve got a sales system. You can create a digital product once and continue to get paid, time and time again.

Your digital product should be something people need help with. The more people need help, the more they’re usually willing to pay. Examples include getting out of debt, weight loss, or relationship help.

Digital products or courses need to provide a large amount of value. Your customers should never pay for your course and feel like they got cheated. Instead, you want your customers to say, “I can’t believe this course was only $15. It was life changing.”

Let’s assume you create your first course and have a retail price of $40. You can find affiliate partners to promote your product for a commission, let’s say 50%. Whenever your affiliate partner sells your product, you both earn $20.

Your goal is to find multiple, high quality, affiliate partners. These partners can make sales every month, without any effort on your part.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you can sell products for other people. You don’t need to create the product, but you need to know how to sell a product. Typically, affiliate marketers will use a blog, YouTube channel, or email marketing to sell affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost your passive income. Let’s take a look at blogging for an example.

You could write a blog post, which is optimized for search engines. Your post ranks #1 on Google for a specific keyphrase. This blog post happens to get 1,000 pageviews per month.

What if you could convert 1% of those visitors into customers for an affiliate product? You would make 10 sales! A $20 commission would mean you earn $200 from one blog post!

Sell photos

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Did you know you can sell your photos online? The best part about selling your photos online is that you only have to upload them once. Afterwards, people can buy them over and over again.

Stock photography is a huge market. Bloggers and advertisers need eye-catching images to promote their content, products, or services.

You might be wondering why companies would want to pay for images. After all, you can find royalty free images online.

The problem is that everyone uses the same images. Most companies want to set themselves apart, so they pay for images the majority of users aren’t using.

Service arbitrage

Service arbitrage is the act of finding customers for a service and getting someone else to do the work. You simply act as the middleman between customers and freelancers.

The first thing you need to do is determine a service to serve people. Examples include written content, video editing, and graphic design.

Next, test out different freelancers to find people who are reliable and can get the job done on time. You’ll also want to make sure your freelancers can follow directions, so everyone gets what they’re paying for.

Figure out how much your freelancers charge. For example, you might find freelance writers who write for $0.10 per word.

Determine the rate you will charge your customers. You want this rate to be higher than the freelancer’s rate. For example, you could charge $0.20 per word.

Now, find customers willing to pay $0.20 per word. Get your first job and pass the work onto your freelancer. Review your freelancer’s work and send it to your customer. You get paid $0.20 per word, but only keep $0.10 per word because you pass along the freelancer’s fee.

You did minimal work, but got paid just as much as the freelancer.


Blogging is one of my favorite passive income sources. Unfortunately, you will have small fees for hosting, domain, and even website security. However, blogging has the potential to earn thousands of dollars, passively.

Learning search engine optimization (SEO) is important if you want to make passive income. Your goal is to write the best article around a keyword and have it rank #1 on Google.

Let’s assume your average blog post brings in 500 pageviews per month. You can apply to an ad network, like Ezoic, and bring in around $15 per thousand pageviews. Therefore, this one article is bringing in $7.5 per month.

Your blog is an army of articles making money for you. Display ads are the most passive form of blogging income!

In addition, you can supplement with affiliate marketing or sponsored posts. But how much money do bloggers make?

Typically, a blogger can make $1,000 for every 30,000 pageviews. Therefore, a blog bringing in 100,000 pageviews would be making over $3,000!

The best part about SEO is that you can repeat one action over and over, which increases your income. Your first blog is going to take awhile, but you learn a money making process. Eventually, you can hire out writers and scale your income.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another good source of passive income. You build a following on your favorite social media and promote relevant products.

For example, you could build up a Twitter following to 50k followers around a specific niche. Because your followers have a similar interest, selling a related product is fairly easy.

There are plenty of ways to monetize your Twitter audience. You could create your own product, tweet about an affiliate product, or have a company sponsor a tweet.

Earn cash back

Cash back isn’t really passive income, but you should always be looking to earn cash back. Use cash back credit cards and online cash back companies like Rakuten. Earning cash back can add up, especially if you start an online business where you’re constantly making purchases.

Invest profits into Dividend stocks or REITs

Dividend stocks and REITs are one of the best forms of passive income. You buy the share once and will continue to get paid as long as you own the share and the company maintains a dividend.

For example, you could buy a share of a company whose current price is $100 and pays a 7% dividend yield. You would make $7 for owning a piece of the company. The company may increase its dividend payments as time goes on.

Buying shares of a company is fairly easy. You need a brokerage account, like Robinhood, in order to buy stocks. Just make sure you do your due diligence before buying a company.

Additionally, you can invest in exchange traded funds or ETFs. ETFs are a collection of stocks to help you build a well diversified portfolio.

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Summary: Make passive income with no money

As you can see, it is possible to make passive income with no money. You need to focus on building an asset which pays you money for owning it. Invest your profits into other cash flow assets, like dividend stocks or REITs.

Examples of assets to build include YouTube channel, digital products, affiliate marketing, selling photos, service arbitrage, blogging, and social media marketing. You can earn cash back with cash back credit cards or use companies like Rakuten.

Remember, pick an asset to build and stick with it. You won’t get anywhere if you’re constantly pivoting to the next greatest idea.


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