Can you make good money in advertising? (Insane dollars per hour)

Can you make good money in advertising or is it a waste of your time, energy, and money for a college degree? Do you even need a degree to make good money in advertising?

Getting started with a career in advertising doesn’t have to be complicated.

As a matter of fact, there are many different ways you can make money with advertising. Imagine, earning a six-figure salary advertising the way you want.

How would earning six-figures change your life? Think of all the money you could save or invest. Maybe you would take your family on a vacation or buy something nice.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you what it takes to start your own career in advertising. If you’ve got the desire or just want to change your career to advertising, this is what you need to know.

Can you make good money in advertising (Insane dollars per hour)

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How much do you make in advertising?

So is advertising a good career? How much money can you really earn advertising for companies?

In part, how much money you earn is based on how you start your career in advertising. In advertising, there are two career paths you can take. You either start work by joining an advertising firm or by becoming a rogue entrepreneur as part of the gig economy.

Both have their struggles, stresses, and challenges. However, both can be rewarding career choices and make you good, if not great, money.

Let’s take a look at how much money you can make advertising.

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Traditional career in advertising salary

According to Indeed, entry level marketing jobs pay around $45,000 per year. Generally, $50k per year is considered a good salary, but still below the average household income of $63k.

Indeed - Entry level marketing salary

Indeed also found out the average advertising manager makes around $55k per year. However, Zip recruiter reported an average salary around $65k.

Zip Recruiter - Advertising manager salaries
Source: Zip Recruiter

Don’t be upset if that doesn’t sound like a good salary. An advertising manager could make well over $100k with the right company. Remember, you’ll have plenty of time to network and apply to higher paying companies.

Personally, I’ve found job hoping every few years to be a good move. With every new job, I earn a slightly higher salary. Companies are usually willing to give large pay increases to persuade you to jump ships.

Therefore, the average advertiser could expect to make between $45k and $65k.

How much does a self-employed advertiser make?

The key to making significant money through advertising is through self-employment. Entrepreneurs who build an advertising business have uncapped earning potential. You earn a salary directly correlated with your efforts.

Starting your own advertising business doesn’t require a degree or any qualifications. However, having marketing experience or an advertising degree can help significantly.

Another benefit is that there are so many ways to make money advertising for companies. Therefore, you can choose how you want to make money owning your own company.

Ok, so let’s take a look at how much you can make as an advertiser.

As you can see, starting your own advertising company can earn you a full time income. Starting your own advertising or content marketing company is something you can do in your spare time.

Most people start their companies as a side hustle while working a 9-5. With consistent effort, they are able to turn their side hustle into their main income source.

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What degree do you need for advertising?

Most advertising companies may require a four year bachelors of art or science degree in advertising or marketing. Advanced graduate degrees may be pursued, but not required for employment.

A bachelors degree is the minimum required qualifications you need to work in advertising. Additionally, you can make yourself stand out if you’ve had an internship in a related field.

As previously mentioned, no degree is required if you start your own advertising agency.

Is a degree in advertising worth it?

Determining the worth of a bachelors degree in advertising or marketing is up to the individual. Advertising can be a high earning career with the right company.

Personally, I think an advertising degree would be worth it if it’s something you would enjoy. However, you can start your own profitable advertising business without a degree.

I don’t think you can go wrong by focusing your efforts in advertising. There are thousands of companies who need their products or services found. Because of this, thousands of dollars are exchanged every year for advertising services.

A degree is just one avenue for gaining experience towards earning your piece of the pie.

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How do you get paid for advertising?

In advertising, there are two different ways you can make money. You can either create an advertising service or create a distribution platform.

Advertising hasn’t changed much over the course of the years, just the media in which advertising occurs. Now, it’s much easier for anyone to start making money advertising online. Let’s take a look at the differences between a service based business and a distribution platform.

Creating an advertising service

One of the oldest forms of advertising is to create an advertising service. You are responsible for finding clients, creating an ad for your client, and getting that ad shown to the general public.

Advertising services work because businesses are good at what they do which isn’t advertising. Companies need advertising experts to help their businesses succeed.

Traditionally, ads are distributed through television, radio, billboards and newspaper. In today’s market, you can also focus on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, email marketing, etc.

Most business owners don’t know how to effectively use social media for marketing. Therefore, you can fill their need with your marketing expertise.

The downside to an advertising service is the time commitment. Unlike distribution platforms, you are still exchanging your time for money.

Creating a distribution platform

Distribution platforms have always been around. A distribution platform is any media where people frequent. Websites, social media, radio, and television are all examples of distribution platforms.

Unfortunately, distribution platforms can take time to build from the ground up. However, once built, owning your own distribution platform can be very profitable.

For example, imagine having one million subscribers on your email list. Finding a relevant product, you might be able to convert one percent of your subscribers to customers. A $20 product and 10,000 customers would generate $200,000 in revenue.

Not bad for one email!

You don’t even need your own product to sell. Start by finding out which companies will pay you to advertise their products. Then, find a product that fits your niche and sell it for a share of the profits.

Your income will be next to nothing when you start building such a platform. However, it has the ability to provide reoccurring income.

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Summary: Can you make good money in advertising?

As you can see, you can make good money in advertising once you know how to be successful. Advertising is a flexible career choice. You can either work for yourself or get a degree and work for a company.

Professionally, you can work for a company and earn between $45k to $65k on average. However, some advertisers can make over $100k.

You’ll need to determine if getting an advertising degree is worth it. Personally, I think that focusing your energy towards advertising is a good idea.

Alternatively, you can start your own advertising business. Your earnings potential is uncapped if you start your own business. There is a lot of money involved in posting ads for companies!

There are two common methods for being paid as a self-employed advertiser. You can either create an advertising service or a distribution platform.

An advertising service allows you to make money quickly. Find your clients, create an ad, and show the ad to the public. Businesses need expert marketers to get their products or services known.

Alternatively, you can create a distribution platform, like a website. You are creating something of value that people would pay you to advertise on. You can also use affiliate marketing to sell peoples products on your distribution channel. Platforms generally take a long time to build, but they can be very profitable.

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