thumbnail - How to wrap your car for money! (Get paid to drive)

How to wrap your car for money! (Get paid to drive)

How do you wrap your car for money?

You can wrap your car and get paid between $100 and $300 per month. Partner with a car wrap company, such as, Wrapify, Free Car Media, or Carvertise who will find advertisers and wrap your car. You can earn more money with full-body wraps and driving in highly populated areas.

Imagine, making money simply by driving your car. You’re doing it anyways, so why not get paid to drive?

You could be earning a few hundred dollars extra every month. What would you do with that money? Help with your car payments, save more money, or go on a date night?

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you the best companies that actually pay you to wrap or sticker your car with advertising.

How to wrap your car for money! (Get paid to drive)

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How much can you get paid to wrap your car?

Generally, you can expect to earn between $100 and $300 per month driving around with a car wrap. Pay varies depending on which car wrap company you partner with, where you drive, and how many miles you drive. You can make the most amount of money by choosing a good car wrap company, getting a full-wrap, and driving in highly populated areas.

Not all car wrap companies are able to pay the same amount. Therefore, it’s important for you to test out different car wrap companies to see which one will pay you the most.

For example, Free car media primarily does rear window stickers which doesn’t pay as much as a full auto-body wrap.

Car wraps come in three different styles. You can either get a full-auto body wrap, partial wrap, or a simple window sticker. As you can imagine, advertisers are willing to pay more money for a full wrap and less for a window sticker.

Some car wrap companies will track your driving, such as through an iPhone app. These companies will estimate the number of times your car ad was seen by pedestrians. The more visible your car was, the more money you’ll be able to make.

Tracking your driving is a normal means of justifying advertiser ad spending. For example, an advertiser would much rather pay for your car to be parked outside of an LA event center. There are more people that can see the advertisement than if you were driving down an old dirt road.

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What companies will pay money for you to wrap your car?

Carvertise, Wrapify, and Free Car Media are the best legitimate car wrap companies that actually pay. Free Car Media does not do as many full car wraps like Wrapify or Carvertise. Therefore, the highest paying car wrap companies are Wrapify and Carvertise.


make money fast - carvertise car wraps

Carvertise pays around $100 per month for a car wrap advertisement and is paid through direct deposit. Some campaigns pay up to $200 per month. Carvertise does say that you’ll earn between $300 and $1,200 per campaign, which generally lasts between 2 and 6 months!

Carvertise allows you the flexibility to say yes or no to specific advertisers, so you can be happy with what’s wrapped on your car. Additionally, some Carvertise campaigns will pay you an extra $30 to park your car at a location for a set amount of time.

Requirements to join Carvertise include driving at least 30 miles per day, a clean driving record, a 2008 model car or newer with a factory paint job.

Free car media

make money fast - free car media car wraps

Free car media is another car wrap company that will pay you up to $400 to wrap your car. Most of the advertisements are back window ads which nets you about $50 per month. In addition, you will be required to install the advertisement yourself.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Free Car Media has been in business for 20 years and has an A+ rating. However, the business is not accredited by the BBB.

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wrapify app

Wrapify combines technology and advertising to get a fair price for your driving. Get your car wrapped and download the App. Start the App while driving and Wrapify calculates an estimated earnings by how visible your car was during your drive.

This means you get paid more for driving down a busy highway than an old dirt road. You can earn anywhere from $84 to $400+ with Wrapify, depending on many factors including the size of wrap (e.g. Panel, Partial, or Full wrap).

So what does Wrapify estimate you can earn per month?

  • Full Wrap – $256-$452
  • Partial Wrap – $196- $280
  • Lite Wrap – $181 – $280

As you can see, there are plenty of companies that will pay you to drive. Car advertising is pretty close to making money while doing nothing!

What is the car wrapping process?

You first need to apply to join a car wrap company. Once accepted, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your driving habits, history, and legal questions they are obligated to ask. Examples include how many miles per day do you drive, are you insured, and do you have a valid drivers license?

Some car wrap companies will need to know more about your car. Certain car wrap companies may require you to drive a newer vehicle and some will allow you to wrap a leased vehicle.

Next, the car wrap company will try and pair you with an advertiser. One advertiser might want to target drivers in LA over your city. So be patient while the car wrap company finds an advertiser for you.

Once you are selected, the car wrap company will contact you and let you review the advertisement. You have final say over what your car is wrapped in. People who are less picky may have more opportunity for car wraps.

Once you accept an advertisement, the car wrap company will work with you and a local car wrap vendor to wrap your car. According to Carvertise, partial wraps take 30-60 minutes and a full wrap takes between 6-10 hours. The car wrap company will pay the car wrap vendor directly. You’ll drive around with the decal until the advertising campaign is over.

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How to spot a car wrap scam

You can spot a car wrap scam if the car wrap company charges you a fee, asks you to deposit an urgent check, or asks you to wire money. Legitimate car wrap companies should be listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website and should require a drivers license and insurance. Always check the car wrap companies website and see if they have a working customer service number.

Scammers are everywhere and car wrap scams are no different.

One person almost lost $4,000 from a scammer. The fake company sent them a check for $4,000 and asked them to deposit the check and then send $3,700 to another company. The check would have bounced once they sent money to the fake company.

So how can you avoid a car wrap scam like this one?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, don’t deposit any “urgent” checks and wire money to anyone. Legitimate car wrap companies will pay a car wrapping vendor directly. A legitimate company would only send you money that you’ve earned and should not charge you a fee.

Car wrap companies should check to see if you have a valid drivers license and insurance. You should also be able to find a customer service number.

Find legitimate car wrap companies with the Better Business Bureau

If you’re ever in doubt on which car wrap companies are legitimate, search for the companies Better Business Bureau page. Do a quick Google search for “car wrap company + better business bureau” and see what comes up.

Find legitimate car wrap companies

In this case, we want to find out if Carvertise is a legitimate car wrap advertiser. Clicking on the first link, we can see that Carvertise is indeed a legitimate business.

Carvertise legitimate business

Carvertise has an A- rating with the BBB and a nearly 4 of 5 star rating. Seven years in business and has been accredited since 2017. Therefore, it is easy to say that Carvertise is not a scam and does let you wrap your car for money.

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Summary: How to wrap your car for money

There are three main companies who will pay you to wrap your car. Carvertise, Free Car Media, and Wrapify are all legitimate car wrap companies who actually pay. You can expect to earn between $100 and $300 per month driving with a car wrap. Driving for Uber or Lyft while advertising can help you earn more money.

Be cautious of car wrap scams. Keep yourself safe by never depositing a suspicious large check. If you’re asked to wire money it’s a scam. Legitimate car wrap companies will pay the wrap vendor directly.

You can check if a company is legitimate by doing a Google search for the “car wrap company + better business bureau.” Check for accreditation, the companies rating, and reviews.

So what are your thoughts? Is advertising a good way to make money? Are you wanting to wrap your car for some extra cash? Or do you make money another way?