How to earn online money (Fast and easy)

Do you want to know how to earn online money fast and easy?

In order to earn online money, you must pick a side hustle and take consistent action towards building an income stream. Examples include selling ad space, selling products, freelancing, lead generation, consulting, and providing a service.

Imagine, starting a side hustle after work and on the weekends. Eventually, your side hustle turns into a full-time income, allowing you to quit your job.

Earning money online is possible, but you have to put in the work.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you a few different strategies for earning online money. All you have to do is  pick a strategy and get to work. Thousands of people are making money online, why not you?

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How to earn online money

In order to earn money online, you need to be able to provide value. Value comes in the form of exchanging time for money or providing a product. Examples of side hustles include blogging, selling products, freelancing, lead generation, consulting, and providing a service.

The only thing that matters from the start is that you’re interested in that strategy of making money. There is nothing worse than trying to make an income doing something you hate.

Some people are able to make a profit faster than others. Everyone has their own journey to making online income. Therefore, you should only focus on your journey and not compare yourself to others.

Focus on what you can control. You need to pick your method of making money and just the awesome at it. You need to be consistent and take action towards building your income source.

Making your first $100 online will be the hardest. However, once you have started to build an income stream it’s easy to grow. Eventually, you will need to hire out work to other people in order to scale your business.

Sell ad inventory

One of the most passive ways of earning an online income is by selling ad inventory. Ad inventory is simply online space for advertisers to show their ads. Two of the most common ways of selling ad inventory is through blogging and youtubing.

As a blogger, you were responsible for creating written content for the internet. Focus on writing helpful articles that are search engine optimized (SEO). The more traffic you have on your website, the more you earn from ad revenue.

You could also become a YouTuber. Create videos around a specific niche and build a loyal audience who wants to watch your content. As with blogging, the more people you have viewing your content, the more money you can make.

Advertisers are willing to pay for attention. Your goal is to gather the attention of people using the internet so that you can show them ads. The more ads you show, the more money you can potentially make.

Personally, I love monetizing with ad revenue because it is one of the most passive forms of income. You can focus on generating high quality content that generates traffic. I don’t have to worry about being salesy if I’m not trying to sell anything.

Sell products

Selling products is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. You have a physical or digital product that someone is exchanging money for value. Customers are more likely to give you money if they know they will receive something tangible.

Some of the best ways you can make money selling products is through Amazon FBA, eBay, dropshipping, private label, digital courses, and affiliate marketing. Each strategy has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Fulfillment by Amazon is when you send physical products into Amazon. Whenever a customer buys your product, Amazon ships to the customer. All you have to do is find amazing products to sell.

Ebay is another popular place to sell products online. The only downside to selling products on eBay is that you have to ship them yourself. Most people find their eBay and Amazon inventory by checking clearance aisles and yard sales.

Private label is when you can find a company who will put your company’s label on their product. Typically, the product is something like coffee or protein supplements that are mass-produced. You then sell your own version of the product without having to make anything yourself.

Information products are really good for online sales. You compile an amazing resource of information and sell it digitally. Most information products can be created and sold without any sort of investment. Therefore, you are able to keep 100% of the profits.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell somebody else’s product for a commission. You refer business and then you earn a percentage of the sales price for that referral. You don’t own the product, but you are the marketing team.


A lot of Millennials are turning towards freelancing as an easy way of making money online. As a freelancer, you are responsible for finding clients and providing work to them. There are plenty of freelancing opportunities available in a wide variety of areas.

For example, you can be a freelance writer, coder, graphic designer, engineer, and anything else you can imagine. All you have to do to get started is determine what you are good at.

Freelancing is a really good way of increasing your income. You are able to perform work that isn’t tied to an hourly rate. You can charge on a per job basis.

As an example, freelance writers might be able to charge anywhere between $0.05 and $0.10 per word.  Your client might want you to write a 1,000 word article at $0.08 per word. The article takes you 1 hour to write and you’ve made $80.

Lead Gen 

Lead generation is when you earn a commission for giving a business a lead to a customer. The business is paying you to generate awareness of their business. The business is still responsible for making a sale.

A very common lead generation strategy is email sign-ups. Companies will pay you for simply increasing the size of their email list. Therefore, all you have to do is match customers with businesses you think they will like.

As an example, you might write a blog article on the best survey websites. If someone signs up for a trial account then you might earn a small commission for that sign up.

Because you are not actually making a sale, lead generation does not pay nearly as much as affiliate marketing. However, it is much easier to generate a lead then it is to sell a product.


You can also provide consulting services to make money online. As a consultant, you are responsible for being knowledgeable and helping others in that area of knowledge. Consider becoming a consultant if you are very knowledgeable about a specific topic.

For example, you might be very knowledgeable about nutrition. You can offer your services as a nutritional consultant to help people eat better. Now, all you have to do is meet with someone over Zoom and send them an invoice.

Consulting can be a very difficult career path.You must be more knowledgeable than the average person to be successful. You won’t have very many clients for long if you don’t provide enough value.

Provide a Service

Providing a service is a good way to earn money online for anybody that has a specific skill. As we’ve already talked about, freelancing is a service that you could provide to others. However, freelancing is not the only service you can provide.

Remember, people are willing to pay for anything that helps their business or themselves get better. What are you good at that you are passionate about and want to turn into a business?

You might want to become a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you are helping someone else run their business by taking over administrative tasks. There is a huge market for virtual assistants.

Another example of services is bookkeeping. A lot of business owners don’t want to take on the hassle of budgeting so they hire it out. If you are good at QuickBooks Pro, you might be able to find work as a bookkeeper.

Summary: How to earn online money

As you can see, there are many ways to earn online money. The biggest thing you have to do is pick a side hustle and stick with it. The more consistent you are with your side hustle, the better chances of success you’ll have.

You can be a blogger or YouTuber and sell ad inventory. All you have to do is produce content, throw up some ads, and get paid.

There are many different ways you can sell products online for profit. Examples include Amazon FBA, eBay, dropshipping, private label, digital courses, and affiliate marketing. People are willing to pay money for receiving something of value in return.

You can also provide a service or freelance. What skill do you possess that people would be willing to pay for? Someone on the Internet is probably willing to pay for that skill.

Lead generation is the act of  getting people interested in a business. You are paid for finding potential customers for a business. You do not have to make a sale.

Lastly, you can become a consultant and make money helping people with their problems. You need to have specific knowledge in order to get paid. Finding a good consultant is hard to come by.

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