How to get cash out without a debit card (Withdraw money ATM)

How can you get cash out without a debit card, even if it’s on a Sunday?

Get cash without a debit card with a cardless ATM, check cashing, cash back at stores, cash advance stores, or by visiting your bank. Cardless ATM require you to set up a digital wallet on your smartphone that links to your debit card. Visiting your bank is the cheapest option, but cash advances, check cashing, and cash back have more flexible hours.

Imagine, getting the cash you need even if it’s on a Sunday. You left your debit card at home or it’s been declined? No problem!

There are plenty of ways to get cash without your debit card.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to withdraw large amounts of cash when you need it now. I’ll show you how to withdraw money from an ATM without a card and plenty of other options. You’ll be on your way in no time!

21-095 - How to get cash out without a debit card (Withdraw money ATM)

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Can you withdraw money from an ATM without a debit card

Some banks, like Chase, offer cardless ATMs for withdrawing money. You cannot withdraw money from an ATM that is not a cardless ATM. A smartphone, digital wallet, and your PIN number is required to use a cardless ATM.

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How to withdraw money from ATM without card

To use a cardless ATM, you will need to set up a digital wallet like Apple Wallet. Your digital wallet connects with your debit card, creating a ‘digital debit card’. Use your fingerprint to open your digital wallet, and tap the newfield communication (NFC) icon on the ATM. Enter your pin and follow the on screen prompts to withdraw cash.

Here’s a video from CNET which shows you the exact process of withdrawing money from a cardless ATM.

Using a digital wallet for ATM withdrawals without a debit card is safe and secure. You need your fingerprint to open your wallet and will need to enter your PIN.

Other ways to get cash out without a debit card

Check cashing, visiting a bank, store cash back, and cash advance stores do not require a debit card to receive cash. The cheapest option is to visit your bank, which should give you cash without a fee. Alternatively, you can ask for cash back at stores or use cash back and cash advance services.

Check cashing

You can write a check to yourself and have the check cashed. Simply write the check to yourself with the amount you want cashed. Endorse the back of the check and take it to a check cashing location.

There are plenty of locations which allow you to cash a check. The most convenient place to cash a check is your grocery store service department. Store service departments are typically open on a Sunday when banks are closed.

Essentially, what you’re doing is giving the rights to the check over to the store. The store will cash the check and give you cash up front. Each store may have fees associated with check cashing.

Visit your bank

Your bank is the most ideal location to withdraw money from your bank account. Typically banks will only require you to have your driver’s license to withdraw money. Don’t worry about memorizing your account number, the teller should be able to look it up based on your name.

When you visit a bank, you’ll be asked to fill out a withdrawal slip. The withdrawal slip has you fill out your account number, cash amount requested and from checking or savings, and your signature.

Cash back at stores

Typically, most grocery or department stores have the ability to give you cash back on purchases. For example, you can get cash back at Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, or Costco.

Most stores allow you to get up to $100 worth of cash back on purchases. Each store sets their policy on cash back, which you can ask your cashier about. You may need to make multiple purchases or visit multiple stores if you need more cash.

Cash back at stores works by asking your cashier for cash back (e.g. $40 back). Your original purchase amount was for $10.86, but cash back now makes your purchase amount $50.86. You swipe your card and the cashier hands you $40.

Stores do not charge any fee for cash back services. Most retailers offer cash back as a free service because you’re likely to buy something if you need cash back.

Cash advance stores

Cash advance stores work by giving you money in exchange for your check plus a fee. The fee is typically expensive, ranging from 3-5% of the check value. Cashing a $500 check could cost you $25 if the fee is 5%.

I highly recommend avoiding cash advance stores if possible. Most other cash services charge a flat rate (e.g. $4). Cash advance stores charge a percentage, which can add up quickly depending on the size of the check.

When you visit a cash advance store, you’ll need to write a check with the amount plus applicable fee. You’ll endorse the check over to the cash advance store. The cash advance store will then hand you the check amount minus their fee.

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Summary: Withdraw money from an ATM without a debit card

As you can see, there are many ways to get cash without your debit card. The easiest way is to visit your bank, but most banks are closed on a Sunday. You can set up a digital wallet and use cardless ATMs offered by banks like Chase, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo.

Alternatively, you can get cash from cashing a check, receiving cash back at stores, or visiting cash advance stores.

Cashing a check is simple, but requires you to have a checkbook. You write a check, endorse it, and take it to a store for cash back. The store will cash your check later. Fees may apply for check cashing services at your nearest store.

If you don’t need much cash, then asking for cash back at a grocery or department store may be your best option. You can ask for cash back on your purchase and instantly get cash. Most stores limit the amount to $100 per transaction, but ask your cashier.

Check cashing services should be your last resort due to high fees. A check cashing service will ask for 3-5% of your checks value. Therefore, high value checks will have larger fees than say Walmart check cashing.


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