How to make $200 fast (One day or less, guaranteed)

How can you make $200 fast, in one day or less?

Make $200 in one day or less by providing a service to people in need or selling items. Examples of services include mowing lawns, freelance writing, odd jobs, rideshare driving, and food delivery. Sell items at yard sales or donate plasma for quick cash.

Imagine, being able to get $200 on a short deadline. You need quick cash and can make a minimum of $200 with a well planned day.

Making $200 is possible if you have the right strategy.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to make a quick $200. These strategies have worked for thousands of people and can work for you. Which money making method will you choose?

21-033 - How to make $200 fast (One day or less, guaranteed)

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How to make $200 fast (One day or less)

To make $200 fast, you must provide a service or sell something. Services allow you to exchange your time for money and can help you make money quickly. Selling items allows you to exchange a product for cash, where products have an intrinsic value.

Selling services or products is a good way of creating long-term wealth. For example, you could come up with a service or product you can provide over and over again. 

At some point, your service or product could make enough to quit your job.

You might start a cleaning service on the weekends. Eventually, you might make the leap to self-employment. Your cleaning service could become your primary source of income.

Regardless of your goals, here are some ways you can earn $200 quickly. Will you lean towards selling products or providing a service?

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Mow lawns

Mowing lawns has been a long-term money making business. You don’t have to mow lawns consistently if you don’t want to. Simply find customers who don’t want to mow their lawn for one weekend by going door-to-door.

You’ll need a lawn mower, trimmer, and some gas to get started. At a minimum, you should be able to charge $30 per lawn. So you’ll need to mow between 7-10 lawns in order to make $200, accounting for expenses.

You should also keep a record of customers that have used your services. Doing so would allow you to reach out to those customers again if you ever need to make more money. Since they’ve used your services once before they would be likely to use them again.

Freelance write

The hardest part about freelance writing is securing writing gigs. However, freelance writing is an easy way to make $200 quickly when you have clients.

Reach out to bloggers, join freelance writing groups on Facebook, and keep an eye on the Problogger job board. All three methods are great for securing freelance writing jobs.

A beginner should be able to charge between $0.05-$0.10 per word for freelance writing work. Most blog articles are between 1,000-2,000 words. Therefore, you would only have to find one client to write a 2,000 word article at $0.10 per word to make $200.

Most freelance clients are flexible with work schedules. It’s not uncommon to say that you’re only looking for a couple writing jobs now and maybe more in the future. Therefore, you could earn your $200 now and have a way to make more money later if desired.

Donate plasma

Donating plasma alone won’t make you $200 in one day. Instead, use plasma donations to supplement your earnings as you work towards $200 in one day. However, you can earn up to $300 per month donating plasma. 

Most plasma donation centers will pay between $20-$50 per plasma donation. So if a plasma donation center is open, you can earn a good portion of your $200.

Search for odd jobs

FaceBook Marketplace or Craigslist are the perfect websites to find odd jobs. Literally, you can find work today by browsing Craigslist.

Browsing my local craigslist, I find all sorts of odd jobs. There’s a freelance writing job at $0.10 per word, a pruning job at $40 per hour, and more! Depending on your area, you could make a lot of money by only doing odd jobs.

Rideshare drive

Rideshare drivers can make around $10 per hour driving for Uber or Lyft. However, you can drive during prime hours and make much more money. For example, driving during Friday or Saturday nights when people are drinking and needing rides.

Rideshare driving earnings also depend on your location. For example, you might make more money driving in a large city than a small town. There’s more people and more business in a large city, making it easier to profit.

Deliver food with DoorDash

Just like rideshare driving, you can include delivering food with DoorDash to earn extra cash. Experienced gig workers know how to monitor rideshare and food delivering apps, so they can take the higher paying jobs.

Have a yard sale

Yard sales should be able to make you a minimum of $200 if you have enough stuff laying around. I bet most of you have at least $1,000 of junk lying around your house that you don’t use.

Take a look around your house. What could you get rid of and be ok with never seeing again?

Advertise your yard sale on Facebook and Craigslist. Take a lot of pictures to show people exactly what you’re selling. You want people to know what they’re getting into before they show up.

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Summary: How to make $200 fast

As you can see, there are many ways to make $200 fast. You need to provide a service or sell products to make quick cash. Some service or products can turn into a full-time business if you want it to be.

You can pick a combination of strategies to meet your $200. For example, you might earn $120 by mowing four lawns in the morning. You donate plasma and earn $40 in the afternoon. Afterwards, you drive for Uber and DoorDash to make up the last $40.


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