How to make 300 dollars a day

How can you make 300 dollars a day?

You can make $300 per day by selling a service or product as a side hustle. Examples include freelance writing, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, blogging, and many more. To be successful, you’ll need to consistently build your side hustle and earn your first dollar online.

Imagine, making $300 per day online because you decided to build a business outside your 9-5. You now make more money than your regular job does.

Making an online income is possible.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you some of the best strategies for making $300 per day online. I’ll even show you things to consider for each strategy so you can pick the best one. You’ll be well on your way to making $300 per day after you’re done reading.

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How to make $300 a day

You can make $300 a day by providing a service or selling a product in your spare time. However, most people don’t start off by making $300 per day, but rather, small increments which build up to a large amount. People who are successful work consistently at building a side hustle. 

Making $300 a day outside of your 9-5 income is no easy task, but it is possible. The problem is that most people give up before they see results.

You are going to have to work at your side hustle consistently over time. Identify the actions that earn you money and focus on performing them daily. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can make in 6-12 months by staying consistent.

People will also expect instant results, but that’s not how it works. You don’t usually start out making $300 per day, but rather, start with earning $1 per day. Eventually, $1 per day turns into $5, which turns into $10.

In order to make money, you need to perform a service or sell a product. Selling a service requires you to repeat the service to get paid. Selling a product can separate your time from income and may be more passive.

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Freelance writing

You can easily make $300 per day with freelance writing if you have the connections and experience. Most beginners with freelance writing start out at a low hourly rate and increase their rate as they gain experience. The hardest part about freelance writing is getting clients.

Freelance writers will either charge by word or by project. The majority of clients like to pay by project so they know how much each article will cost them.

As a beginner, you’ll charge between $0.05-$0.10 per word. A standard 1,500 word article might generate you between $75 and $150. Therefore, you would have to write between 2 and 4 articles per day to make $300.

However, you can charge more as you gain experience or learn skills like Search Engine Optimization. Your rate might increase to $0.20 per word in a matter of a few years.

Now, you are making $300 per 1,500 word article.

The best part about freelance writing is that you get faster as you gain experience. So as a beginner, it might take you 4 hours to write a 1,500 word article. However, after 2-3 years of writing articles a 1,500 word article might only take you one hour to write.

You will also have to find clients that will hire you for freelance writing work. Therefore, you’re going to have to balance finding clients and performing work.

Amazon FBA

You can make a full-time income by flipping products and selling them on Amazon. As an Amazon reseller, you find products at stores or yard sales and resell them for profit on Amazon. You can use the Amazon sellers app to determine which products have profit potential.

Amazon has Fulfillment by Amazon which allows you to use Amazon’s distribution and warehouses to store and ship your products. Therefore, all you have to worry about is keeping the warehouse stocked.

Reselling on Amazon is addicting.

You might start out by going to your favorite stores and scanning barcodes. At the clearance aisle, you might find a product on sale for $2, but it’s selling on Amazon for $19.99. Your profit is going to be $19.99 minus the cost of purchase, shipping to Amazon, and Amazon fees.

You wouldn’t believe how many products you can find that are selling for more on Amazon. Amazon has a big convenience factor, so most people don’t even bother comparing prices.

Most products have a 10-20% profit margin, but you can find products with better margins. Therefore, you could make $300 a day by making about $60k in product sales every month.

Selling $60k worth of product might sound like a lot of money, but it really isn’t. You can start with a small amount of your personal cash or use credit to get started. Finding the right products sell quickly, so you can build up to $60k by staying consistent.

Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark is a good place to make money if you have a good eye for clothing. As a Poshmark reseller, your job is to find awesome clothes that people want. The best part about reselling clothing is the high profit margins.

The key to success with Poshmark is understanding the types of clothes and brands people want. Some accessories and brands are going to sell fast and others are just going to take up space. It’s a learning curve, but it’s easy to make money once you understand the market.

Your strategy can also lead to high profit margins. Yard sales are hit and miss, but they can be a gold mine. People will throw out hardly used items in which they paid way too much money.

You might find a whole stack of Jeans at a yard sale for $5. Each pair might sell for $35, which is a huge return on your investment.


You can make a full-time income or more if you decide to be a blogger. However, blogging is a long-term business that will require a lot of effort up front with little results. There is a steep learning curve to learn how to blog, so expect to commit at least 2-5 years.

Blogging has unlimited income potential because each article is a mini asset that works to earn you money 24/7. You could write one article that brings in 1,000 visitors and $15 per month in revenue. The more articles you have, the more visitors and income potential you have.

Once the article is written, it stays on the internet. It’s earning you money and frees up your time to write more articles.

Bloggers monetize their websites through sponsored posts, display advertisements, affiliate marketing, and selling their own products. The method you choose depends on your niche and your style of blogging.

Personally, I like display ads because it’s a passive form of income. All you have to do is write good content and you’ll get paid for it. You don’t have to convince anyone to buy a product, which is great if you’re not a salesperson.

A blogger that knows what they are doing can replace their income in about 2 years. Therefore, if you’re new to blogging, expect to not earn any money for a few years.

Flip products on Ebay

Flipping products on Ebay can be just as lucrative as selling products on Amazon. However, Ebay does not have a fulfillment service like Amazon does. Instead, you will need to ship out the products yourself, but it’s easier to find higher profit margins.

Just like Amazon, Ebay has an app where you can scan barcodes. You can then decide which items are worth listing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good business if you’re good at selling products. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to sell other people’s products in exchange for a commission. The more products you sell, the more money you can earn.

For example, maybe you have a Twitter account with 10,000 followers. You primarily tweet about weight loss related content and that’s what your followers like. You could find a weight loss program with an affiliate program.

After searching the internet, you found a program that sells for $40 and offers a 50% commission. Therefore, for every sale you make you earn $20.

You actively promote this product to your audience. Converting 1% of your Twitter followers into sales would result in 100 sales or $2,000.

Affiliate marketing is a good source of income, but it’s wildly inconsistent. Some days you can earn thousands of dollars and other days nothing. Therefore, it’s important to stay consistent and keep making sales.

Social media influencer

You can make money as a social media influencer by having a large social media following. The more eyes you have on your social media account and the more engagement, the more money you can make. Advertisers are willing to pay people that can get their product or service in front of people.

Build up a large enough social media platform and you can easily make $300 per day. You just have to know how much money your audience is worth.

However, you also have to be careful not to anger your audience. Producing good content will always keep your audience happy. However, you don’t want to turn into a channel that spams advertiser content or makes it the sole focus.

The key to success as a social media influencer is to build up a large following around a niche. Don’t worry about monetization until you’ve built up a sizable audience. 

Most influencers focus too much on monetization early on, which means they’re earning pennies. Your time is much better spent on growth, not money.

YouTube channel

YouTube has made thousands of teenagers and kids millionaires online, so it can make you one as well. However, like blogging, you need to spend a lot of time building up your YouTube audience. Overtime, your audience will grow and so will how much money you can make.

Unfortunately, you have to stay super consistent with YouTube if you want to make $300 per day. Your audience is going to expect a regular schedule with your content. Taking a break from YouTube means you could lose engagement and views.

YouTubers can earn money through a variety of ways. You can use Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, product sales, and sponsored content. Most YouTubers start with Google Adsense and then branch out into other means of making money.

Private Label

You can make a lot of money by finding a product that sells well and slapping your own brand’s label on it. Private label is commonly done on Amazon, but requires a lot of time and patience to learn. Private label may require a large upfront investment to get started.

Finding the right product to Private label can easily make you $300 per day. The first step is to find the right product with high demand and low competition.

Once you’ve found your product, you need to find a supplier. Most commonly, sellers will find someone on Alibaba to source from China. You are going to have to learn how to import products and work with overseas vendors.

Once you get your products, you can ship them into Amazon FBA. You’ll need to work on getting your product to the first page of the Amazon search results.


Craigslist is a good tool to use if you’re looking for odd jobs, flipping items, or part-time work. Some people find items on Craigslist and resell them on Facebook Marketplace. Depending on the size of your city, you could make a full-time income flipping items on Craigslist.

Trading stocks

Trading stocks is a risky endeavour, but you can make $300 online. Day traders can make $300 per day, but most day traders are not successful. Therefore, you should take time to learn day trading skills before jumping all in.

Some brokerage accounts will allow you to do paper trading. You are able to practice your day trades without risking real money. Paper trading is a good way for beginners to learn the ropes of trading without the risk.

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Summary: How to make $300 a day

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make $300 per day. You just have to pick one method and stay consistent. Making money online involves either selling a service or a product.

Don’t expect to make $300 a day all at once. Most people start earning small amounts of money, which start to snowball to larger amounts.

The best ways to make $300 a day include:

  1. Freelance writing
  2. Amazon FBA
  3. Sell clothing on Poshmark
  4. Blogging
  5. Flip products on Ebay
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Social media influencer
  8. Starting a YouTube Channel
  9. Private Label
  10. Craigslist
  11. Trading Stocks

Again, the key to being successful is to stay consistent. Don’t expect instant gratification. Most people fail because they give up after a few months of trying.

John is the founder of TightFist Finance and an expert in the field of personal finance. John has studied personal finance for over 10 years and has used his knowledge to pay down debt, grow his investment portfolio, and launch a financial based business. He is committed to sharing content related to personal finance based on his experience in his career, investing, and path towards reaching financial independence.