How to make money coding online from home

How can you make money coding online from home?

Make money coding from home by developing WordPress plugins, freelancing, apps, WordPress themes, blogging, selling coding courses, and YouTubing. Essentially, making money by coding can be done through providing software or teaching others to code.

Imagine, making a full-time income from the piece of code you wrote years ago. You can either keep the software you wrote or sell it or a large pile of cash.

Finding a good coder is hard to come by, so people are willing to pay for your skills.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to make money coding online from home. I will show you some of the best strategies coders used to make money. I will even tell you if it is possible to get rich from coding.

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Can you make money coding from home?

It is possible to make money coding online from home. Coders have a unique skill in a growing field. Since there is a large demand for coders, you can charge a good amount of money for your skill set.

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How can I make money coding online?

Most coders make money online by developing software for other people. You can either develop projects as a Freelancer for your clients or develop your own software idea. Alternatively, you can teach other people to code and make money in the process.

So to simplify, you can work for someone else, build a project for yourself, or teach others to code. Let’s take a look at an example of an iPhone app.

A client has an idea for an iPhone app, but the client has no idea how to develop the program. The client can hire you to develop the iPhone app. You make money for the development, while the client makes money by selling the app.

Alternatively, you can come up with an idea for an iPhone app. You develop and sell the app yourself. You have all the rights to the source code, software, and are entitled to all the profits.

Lastly, you can teach other people the coding skills they need to develop iPhone apps. You can make money through ad Revenue, selling courses, or coaching and mentorship. 

Making money as a coder is possible from the comfort of your own home. You just need to know which strategy you are going to make money with.

Develop WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are one of the most common ways coders make money online. The majority of all websites use WordPress as the content management system. Therefore, you can develop a WordPress plugin that serves the users of WordPress websites.

For example, you can develop WordPress plugins to manage Analytics, security, and social media. Some of the best plugins are the ones that innovate the WordPress experience.

There are plenty of different ways to monetize a WordPress plugin. One of the most common ways is to charge a subscription fee for a premium version. Other WordPress plugins take donations or ask for a cup of coffee.

Freelance coding 

You can make plenty of money from home as a freelance coder. As a freelance coder, you are developing software or programs for clients in exchange for money. You can either be paid per project or on an hourly basis.

One of the easiest places to find clients is to join a freelance marketplace like UpWork. A freelance marketplace will connect you with clients and allow you to bid on jobs. The freelance Marketplace usually charges a fee for work performed through their service.

Create Apps for App stores

Developing apps for app stores is another source of income for any freelance coders. You can develop the next game or utility software for everyone smartphones. Make money through selling the app, in-store purchases, or display ads.

For example, you might develop a calculator app. There are many ways to monetize a calculator app, but there are plenty of calculator apps available.The easiest way to monetize a calculator app is the show ads within the app.

A more profitable strategy is to offer in-store purchases. Typically, in-store purchases are offered for games in the form of in-game items. People are willing to pay a lot of money to make leveling up that much easier.

As an example, games in the App Store often have their own digital currency. You can spend real money for gold, which can then be used to purchase gems. 

Less common, but still profitable, is selling your app for an initial purchase price. You might develop a budgeting software that you sell for $4.99.

Sell WordPress themes

Another way to make money as a coder with WordPress is to sell website themes. Website themes are the look and feel of a WordPress website. Website owners are willing to pay money to have an exclusive look that not many other people have.

You need to be able to develop a WordPress theme that not only looks good, but functions well. WordPress themes need to be fast and they need to work. The last thing you want to do is break someone’s website. 

Blog about coding

As a coder, you can also create a blog about coding. You teach other people how to code through your blog. Make money through ad revenue, selling courses or products, or affiliate marketing

The easiest way to make money is ad revenue. You make money whenever someone visits your site and sees ads.

However, you can increase your earnings by selling courses or products. You can create and sell your own courses or products or someone else’s, known as affiliate marketing.

As an example, you might offer a $20 course which teaches a beginner how to code with JavaScript. Alternatively, you can sell snippets of code for other people to use in their coding projects.

Create and sell coding courses

As mentioned in the blogging section, you can make a lot of money creating and selling your own digital courses. However, you can jump straight into creating your own courses without owning a website.

You will need a place to host your course. For example, you can use Teachable or Gumroad to distribute your course. Teachable and Gumroad will manage the payment and downloading of your project.

Now, you need to find other people that would be willing to sell your product in exchange for a commission. Reach out to bloggers and influencers in the coding space and see if they’d be willing to sell your product.

Assuming you offer a 50% Commission on a $20 product, you each earn $10 for every sale.

Create YouTube videos on coding

YouTube is very similar to blogging for making money. The major difference is that you are providing video content instead of written content. You can still monetize by selling courses or through ad revenue.

Can coding make you rich?

Coding can make you rich. The most profitable path to riches is by developing your own software program which you later sell to a company. However, you can always make a lot of money freelancing or developing your own apps.

Spencer Haws is one example of someone who got rich through coding. Spencer had developed a program called Longtail Pro which helped bloggers find keywords. Longtail Pro managed to sell for seven figures.

All of the programming for a Longtail Pro was hired out. Spencer himself was not a coder. I’m sure the coder made a good amount of money by developing Longtail Pro, but Spencer made the bulk of the profit.

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Summary: How to make money coding online from home

As you can see, you can make money coding online from home. You can either freelance for a client, develop a program yourself, or teach others to code. All of these are the legitimate strategies to make money coding.

The majority of people will probably fall into freelance coding. You are exchanging time for money to write code for other people. Most freelancers are paid per hour or per project.

Other coders may want to develop software to sell for themselves. You can sell software in many different ways including app stores or online. There is good money to be made by finding the right product to develop and sell for profit.

Keep in mind, developing your own product usually carries the most amount of risk.

Lastly, you can teach other people the code. There is a huge demand for people wanting to learn how to code. You can teach individuals to code through YouTube or blogging.

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