How to earn money through mobile phones without investment

How can you earn money through mobile phones without investment?

Earn money through mobile phones by being a content creator, service provider, or investor. Money can be made through blogging, YouTube, freelance writing, Twitter marketing, Instagram, investing, rideshare driving, and online surveys. Smartphones make it easy to make content and earn while you’re on the go.

Imagine, taking advantage of your commute to build a full-time income through side hustles. You eventually make enough money to quit your full-time job.

Your smartphone is an asset which can be used to make money. You just need to know how to use your phone effectively.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to earn money through mobile phones with little to no investment. I’ll show you some of the best side hustles that can be done from your smartphone. Therefore, you’ll always be able to make money no matter if you’re commuting or on vacation.

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How to earn money through mobile phones with little to no money

In order to make money through mobile phones, you must be a content creator, service provider, or investor. Your phone allows you to write content, produce videos, send emails, use social media, buy and sell, and so much more. You need a way to monetize the functions your mobile phone provides.

Examples of side hustles include blogging, YouTube, freelance writing, Twitter marketing, Instagram, investing, rideshare driving, and online surveys. Each side hustle can be run anywhere you have a smartphone and internet connection.

You get paid depending on how your side hustle makes money. Common ways to make money include ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, invoicing, and selling your products.

Let’s take a look at common side hustles and how they make money from smartphones.

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Blogging for income is all about creating written content consistently. Producing more content can lead to more pageviews, which means more ad revenue and affiliate sales. Having the right apps on your phone can help you to consistently produce content.

Personally, I use Google docs to create content outlines on the weekend. The Google docs app allows me to write content from my phone during my daily commute.

I can then copy and paste the content into the WordPress app for publishing. However, I usually wait for the weekends to publish my content on a desktop.

Google drive allows me to collaborate with others. For example, someone can create blog images which are then uploaded and viewable from my phone through Google drive app.

I can also manage social media, write down content ideas, check ad revenue, and find affiliate products to promote from my phone.

All the apps I use are completely free to use. Google docs, sheets, drive, analytics, Safari or Chrome, social media apps, WordPress, 2FA, are all free.


YouTube is all about creating videos for income. You earn money through selling products and ad revenue. All you need to get started is a smartphone camera, content ideas, and a video editing software.

Most successful YouTubers started out by shooting unedited video on their smartphones. The only thing that matters when you’re starting out is producing content.

For example, you might use Google sheets to come up with a list of topics to create videos on. Every time you come up with an idea, you open up Google sheets and write it down.

Find a quiet place on your lunch break to create a 10-20 minute video on the topic. Use the last portion of your lunch break to upload the video to YouTube. All of this can be done from your smartphone.

After one month, five days per week, you’ll have 20 videos online. Over the course of one year, you’ll have 260 videos uploaded.

Eventually, you’ll meet YouTube’s requirements for monetizing with Google Adsense. Some YouTubers make a full-time income or more by only monetizing with Adsense.

Now, all you have to do is keep producing videos and earn money through ads. All of your previous videos are monetized.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is very similar to blogging, but you’re writing content for other people. Find work on fiverr, upwork, outreach, or other ways to find freelance work. Write content on your commute and send an invoice via PayPal to charge for your services.

A new Freelance writer might want to outreach to blog owners to find work. Therefore, you could be using your morning commute or lunch break to send emails to blog owners.

When you have work, you can use the Google docs app to write content from your phone. You can use Google sheets app to track your billable hours. Send an invoice using PayPal or Venmo and wait for your payment to arrive.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is about producing free and valuable twitter content around a specific niche. Your goal is to build Twitter followers and one day sell a relevant product to your audience. You earn money by selling other people’s products for a commission or by creating your own product.

For example, you might be a personal trainer and nutritionist. You start a Twitter account which tweets motivational and helpful content about weight loss. Over time, you build up a Twitter following of people interested in getting in shape.

Now, you need to find a product or service your audience would be interested in. You might find a $40 weight loss course with an affiliate program. The course offers a 50% commission for any sales you make when promoting the product. 

You make 30 sales by tweeting this product to your audience. You’ve now made $600 for simply sending out a tweet!

Alternatively, you can create your own weight loss course or nutritional supplements. You might even be interested in offering a coaching service to help people with weight loss.

Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencing is all about producing high quality photos. Most smartphones are working on implementing high-quality cameras into their phones. All you need to do is build up an Instagram following and then find sponsorship opportunities.

A sponsorship is working with a company to advertise their product in your photos. You get paid for the advertisement.

For example, an Instagram influencer might have an Instagram account which focuses on healthy living. A company might offer nutritional supplements they want you to include in your next IG post.

You have 50,000 Instagram followers and charge a rate of $4 per thousand followers. One Instagram advertisement would get you $200.

Investing Apps

Investing has always been a good way of making money. Your smartphone makes it easier than ever to buy and sell stocks. All you need is a brokerage account like Robinhood to start investing or trading.

The best strategy for making money in stocks is through buy and hold investing. You are buying securities that will hopefully increase in value over time.

Alternatively, some individuals like to trade stocks frequently which is known as swing trading. You’re buying stocks in which the share price was hit hard, but should increase in the near future.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Driving for Uber or Lyft is another good way to make money through your phone and by driving. You can work on your own hours, giving people a lift around town. Rideshare driving gives you the flexibility to earn an income, but without starting your own business.

Survey Junkie App

Alternatively, you can earn some extra cash by taking online surveys. The Survey Junkie App is a legitimate website where you can take surveys on your own time for cash. You won’t make a lot of money, but the surveys don’t take much to complete.

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Summary: Earn money through smartphones online for free

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to earn money through mobile phones without investment. The easiest ways to make money are to be a content creator, service provider, or investor.

Examples of side hustles include blogging, YouTube, freelance writing, Twitter marketing, Instagram, investing, rideshare driving, and online surveys. Each side hustle can be run anywhere you have a smartphone and internet connection.

For most individuals, earning money through smartphones is easily done on lunch break or while commuting. Your smartphone is the best tool for making money on the go.

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