Get paid to advertise clothing! (Wear clothes for money)

Can you get paid to advertise clothing?

You can get paid to advertise clothing by partnering with brands. Most clothing brands are looking for influencers with a following. You can promote clothes through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and other forms of selling.

It all starts with building social media accounts.

As a matter of fact, you can earn a full-time income by selling clothes. Some of the top fashion bloggers bring in millions of dollars each year. How would you like to earn even a small fraction of that?

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you some of the best ways to get paid for advertising clothing. You might even get some free clothes along the way! Here is what you need to know.

Get paid to advertise clothing! (Wear clothes for money)

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Can you get paid to wear clothes?

Yes, you can get paid to wear clothes by partnering with brands. However, you need to be somewhat of an influencer if you want to make money. Ask yourself, why would a company want to pay me for advertising?

Brands will pay good money if you can bring attention to their products. Therefore, you need to focus on building followers.

Yes, you might score a deal with only 1,000 followers. However, a sponsored post with 1,000 followers may only be worth $10. Now, imagine making $3,000 because you have 300,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s the same amount of work to post for 1,000 followers as it is for 300,000. So, you may as well focus on building your following.

How can I get free clothes from companies?

Most brands will let you keep clothing as part of your partnership. A brand will ship you clothing to promote to your audience. It’s good advertising for the company to have you wear promotional clothing after your deal is done.

Obviously, they don’t want the clothing back!

Remember, you score more deals with the more followers you have. If you have more deals then you’re going to get more freebies.

Get paid to wear clothes on Instagram

Instagram is the top social media platform for getting paid to wear clothes. Clothing brands are focusing more on Instagram for promotion than any other social media platform. Getting on Instagram is a must if you want to get paid for wearing clothes.

The process for making money on Instagram is rather simple. However, each of the steps are difficult on their own. To be successful on Instagram, you must:

  1. Build a following in fashion – Remember, no one makes money on Instagram without a following. The size and engagement rate of your following determines how much you can earn.
  2. Find Partnerships with brands – You need to convince companies you are worth paying. Having a large following and showing good engagement rates are key.
  3. Create content – You need to create visually appealing content. Your content needs to work for your audience. Sponsored posts should also work for your audience. Don’t take a sponsored post for the money if it doesn’t work well. You don’t want to betray your audiences trust.

Maybe you already have a large following on Instagram. So, how exactly do you find brand deals?

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How do you get clothes sponsored?

Blogging networks are the easiest way to get clothes sponsored. A blogging network connects content creators with brands willing to pay for advertisements. Often, a brand will pay you to send a tweet or picture to IG with their product featured.

Izea is one of many blogging networks which you can get paid by brands. Some of the biggest brands partner with Izea. They bring the brands, so it’s up to you to bring a fashion centered audience.

However, you don’t have to go through a company like Izea. The whole point of a blogging network is to make it easy for everyone. Nothing says you can’t approach a clothing brand on your own.

You can visit your favorite clothing companies website and look for contact information. Alternatively, you can search LinkedIn to find people who work at the company.

Your goal is to find growing clothing companies.

You may struggle to strike a deal with Nike. It’s not impossible, but Nike is too large of a company. You would have to have a large following to catch Nike or Adidas’s attention.

Lesser known companies are trying to get their name out. Strategic partnership with influencers are what’s going to help them.

Again, your success is going to depend on your following size and engagement rate. Focus on building your audience first!

Get paid to promote clothing

You can get paid to promote clothing through affiliate programs. Basically, you earn a commission through selling other people’s products. Having a highly trafficked website or social media account will result in more sales.

You can find several clothing affiliate programs online. Simply do a Google search like “swim suit affiliate program” or “sneaker affiliate programs.”

Sneaker affiliate programs

You’ll be surprised at the number of companies that need help to advertise.

Affiliate programs work well on social media platforms. Pinterest and Instagram are the best places to promote clothing.

Mens leather jackets on Pinterest

Simply write an article on your blog. For example, maybe you want to write about, “the best mens leather jackets.” Your article compares jackets and includes a link to where they can be purchased.

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Flip clothes for profit

You can flip clothing for profit by using eBay and Poshmark. In short, you buy clothes for cheap and sell them online for a higher price. Poshmark and eBay take a small percentage of the sale and you ship out the item.

For the most part, Poshmark is targeted at buying or selling fashion. eBay is great for all sorts of item, which includes clothing.

To begin, you need to source clothing. Yard sales and thrift shops (e.g. Goodwill) are great starting points for gently used clothes.

Imagine, going to a yard sale and finding an Eddie Bauer vest for a couple dollars. The vest doesn’t fit the owner anymore and it’s hardly worn. Next, you list them on eBay for $50!

make money fast - ebay arbitrage

If the item sells, you made a great profit!

People are trying to get rid of unused clothes all the time. Fortunately for you, they just want it gone! Most people don’t care what they sell it for, so you can easily profit.

However, flipping requires you to maintain an inventory. You’re going to need to organize your inventory. I recommend keeping storage bins labeled A1, A2, B1, B2, etc, to store your items.

Can you actually make money on Poshmark?

You can make money on Poshmark by selling gently used clothes. To be successful, you need to be active on Poshmark while selling great products. Ideally, you have enough profit margin to offer deals and discounts.

One user makes $5,000 per month selling on Poshmark. So how can you be successful? Here’s a video by The Deal Queen with some tips.

Although, If I had to give you one tip it would be to be active. A lot of new sellers are eager to make money. They list products and wait for the sales to come in, which never works.

Most anything in sales requires you to be active. Don’t just hope to get paid to advertise clothing. Instead, be active, share content, and think of the end user.

What percentage does Poshmark take?

Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 on any sale under $15. Sales over $15 are charged a fee of 20 percent, meaning you keep 80 percent. Items are free to list on Poshmark.

Obviously, you’ll want to factor in Poshmark’s fees with shipping. You want to make sure that you’re still earning a profit at the end of the day!

Having a retail business takes practice. Sure, you found inventory, but there are other expenses. You also had to pay for shipping, packaging materials, gas to drive around, etc. Keep these things in mind when you’re setting your prices.

What can I sell on Poshmark?

You can sell gently used and new clothing and fashion accessories on Poshmark. However, make-up and personal care products cannot be used. You should read the community guidelines before selling any product.

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Summary: Get paid to advertise clothing

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get paid for advertising clothing. Brand partnerships and selling affiliate products are the best money makers.

However, the most important thing to consider is your audience. You won’t succeed in selling or promoting clothes without a fan base.

Additionally, having more fans will earn you more money. For example, each follower earns you $0.01 for a sponsored post on Instagram. Therefore, having 300k followers earns significantly more money than 10k.

You can get free clothing by promoting clothes for brands. Brands are willing to pay you and let you keep the clothing. It’s just good marketing!

Izea is one blogging networks for finding partnerships. Alternatively, you can contact growing companies with the details of your own deal.

You can find affiliate programs easily online. Simply do a Google search for products you want to promote. Promote these products on your blog, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.

Also, you can get paid for flipping clothing. Use Poshmark and eBay to your advantage. Each company charges a small fee for selling products.